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Creative Agencies now in full control with Zunicore’s Cloud 2.0

The cloud has dramatically reduced the capital required to innovate across every sector. But for all the promise of utility computing via the cloud, many creative agencies – including marketing agencies, ad agencies, and web designers and developers – are struggling to realize the benefits. Those who’ve tried launching campaigns and programs on cloud offerings such as Rackspace Cloud or Amazon Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) have found
themselves struggling to quickly and cost-effectively manage and use the on-demandcomputing resources to serve a global audience.

To truly tap into the benefits of the cloud, creative agencies require a cloud service/offering that is easier to use, more flexible and scalable, and delivers more predictable costs. In short, they need a cloud that delivers only what they need at the moment they need it, and firmly puts agencies in control of their infrastructure instead of at its mercy.

A new type of cloud service has emerged that provides businesses with the four critical elements they seek – and need – today: control, flexibility, reliability, and cost efficiency. This offering, from Zunicore, a division of PEER 1 Hosting, has been developed specifically for businesses with unique and changing technology requirements as they bring varying types of campaigns to the web

For further insight into how Zunicore provides agencies the flexible, on-demand cloud solution, read our white-paper detailing why Zunicore’s Cloud 2.0 has finally provided the ultimate upgrade from cloud 1.0

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