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Internet World 2012

If you are over in the UK, take a moment and head out to Internet World’s 20th anniversary celebration. The expo is one of Europe’s biggest and longest-running events covering digital business and has been held annually since 1992!

To get the best idea of the advancements we have enjoyed since 1992, you can see what was released to the public in that year and still has a resonating impact on the technology we use today:

Windows 3.1 was released by Microsoft

ATT makes a video telephone available for purchase with a $1,500 price tag

Microsoft releases Microsoft Works

Wow! That was a big year for change. But nowhere near the change Zunicore has brought to the cloud. We have made advancements beyond expectations and continue to lead the industry with the features, flexibility, and control you demanded.

Make sure to stop by the Peer 1 booth and  say hello to the  Zunicore team.


Wow! DrupalCon was an unbelievable experience for Zunicore. It was amazing to see how integrated the Drupal community is and also to hear the great feedback about how Drupal developers take advantage of our Professional Cloud. Our team at the booth was overwhelmed by the surge in traffic at our booth and are extremely exited about heading back to DrupalCon next year.

We would like to give a huge “Thank You” to everyone we met at DrupalCon and an especially big show of gratitude to everyone who attended our dinner hosted with Standing Cloud!

Cloudy with a chance of ‘Beach Party’

It’s that time of year again. The annual ‘Beach Party’ at SXSW. Join ServerBeach and friends at Austin’s hottest venue, Roial Nightclub for outrageous fun with free drinks, swag and more!

If you are in Austin for SXSW,   come Get Your Geek On and  make sure to catch the Zunicore team at the ServerBeach booth for the real fun :)

About ‘ZCFREE’

At Zunicore, we strive to provide our users an absolutely new experience they would never get  from any other cloud provider.

No one truly believes Zunicore offers them the freedom, control, and flexibility over their cloud resources. We do not force users into a contract with a no-cancellation policy, users are not stuck with vendor lock in, and the only limitation  Zunicore users ever  experience is how creative can they be with their new freedom!

Zunicore is extremely motivated to provide our users a one-of-a-kind experience. We want our users to see for themselves how incredibly easy it is from signing up, ordering a Resource Pool, and provisioning a Virtual Server.

But it is not only the amazing speed of provisioning a new Virtual Server Zunicore wants to showcase, we want our users to stay for the entire show! If we provided users with a much smaller duration for the trial, they would never be truly able to experience the Zunicore cloud, our awesome support response time, our adaptation to feature requests, and our rocketing rise in the Cloud industry.

FAQs about Our 14 Day Trial

Q . What Resources are included in the free trial?

  • The Zunicore ZCFREE trial provides our trial users a Resource Pool with 1 CPU Core, 1024 MB RAM, 20 GB SAN, 20 GB Backup Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth

Q.  Do I have to order the exact resources offered in the trial?

  • You can order  Resource Pools smaller and the remaining ZCFREE value will be credited to your account for later use
  • You can also order a Resource Pool larger than the trial offer but you will need to pay for the additional resources beyond what the ZCFREE offering covers

Q. Is the 14 Day trial available for all of your Cloud locations?

Q.  Why do I need to add a Payment Method if the trial is Free?

  • We require a valid credit card to be placed on record as a measure to prevent fraud and abuse of the free resources

Q.  When I sign up for a trial, can I cancel at any time?

  • Absolutely! If you need to cancel at any time during your 14 day trial, you can cancel the trial by deleting your created Resource Pool and never have to worry about paying any cancellation fees

Q.  Can I provision a Windows Server for my free Zunicore cloud?

  • We have a wide range of Operating System templates available for your Zunicore trial. See the full available list here
  • All Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux templates are an additional $20 which is not included in the trial

Ready to Launch : Cloud Expo

Zunicore ‘s Launch  at Cloud Expo could not have been received at a more energetic event! We were all extremely excited to launch our new professional-cloud at the Expo and all of Zunicore’s staff could not have been better prepared for all the enthusiasm over our Cloud 2.o.

It was a great opportunity  to show off the Zunicore Professional Cloud 2.0  experience , exceeding all expectations . Never before at the Expo did attendees ever see the flexibility and control offered from a Cloud provider.

We would like to thank our fellow Peer 1 colleagues for all they have and had done for Zunicore’s launch and cannot wait to see everyone together again at the Expo next year!

See our Launch photos at Zunicore’s Facebook 

Twitter Updates

  • @PoonHealey Hello, We do not offer phone support for the Zunicore platform. You can get a hold of us with live chat. Live chat is av... 1 year ago
  • @artifaktCom Hello, An API will be available soon that will allow you to obtain this output. Right now, the API is undergoing signifi... 1 year ago
  • @jonathansuter Hello, We can reply back with any answers you need. Please update this with any questions that you have. 1 year ago
  • @RyanCorner Hello, We will forward this information to our development team. We will update this ticket when completed. 1 year ago
  • @beagile Hello, You would have to use the templates we offer. But if you spin up two VHDs on the server, you can always copy the data... 1 year ago
  • @indiejustin Hello Justin, Can you create a ticket in our internal system so i can verify you and then determine the issue of the VM. 1 year ago
  • @kangawallafox Hello Shaun. I am not seeing a ticket under your name. Please respond to the ticket via the user portal and we will respond. 1 year ago
  • @josephoenix Hello Joseph. Please submit a ticket to [email protected] stating you'd like to deactivate your account and we'll handle it. 1 year ago
  • @Open_Universe That is great to hear. If any assistance is needed, please let us know. Have a great day and enjoy your time in the cloud! 2 years ago
  • @Open_Universe If you can provide the email address that is associated with your account, we will create a ticket and inform you when ready 2 years ago


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