About ‘ZCFREE’

At Zunicore, we strive to provide our users an absolutely new experience they would never get  from any other cloud provider.

No one truly believes Zunicore offers them the freedom, control, and flexibility over their cloud resources. We do not force users into a contract with a no-cancellation policy, users are not stuck with vendor lock in, and the only limitation  Zunicore users ever  experience is how creative can they be with their new freedom!

Zunicore is extremely motivated to provide our users a one-of-a-kind experience. We want our users to see for themselves how incredibly easy it is from signing up, ordering a Resource Pool, and provisioning a Virtual Server.

But it is not only the amazing speed of provisioning a new Virtual Server Zunicore wants to showcase, we want our users to stay for the entire show! If we provided users with a much smaller duration for the trial, they would never be truly able to experience the Zunicore cloud, our awesome support response time, our adaptation to feature requests, and our rocketing rise in the Cloud industry.

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