Zunicore: A Purpose-Built Cloud for Agile Businesse

While cloud computing has shown strong market growth in recent years, it has served a limited set of business customers that could benefit from its one-size-fits-all approach. Many businesses across a diverse range of industries, such as marketing agencies, SMB product and financial services companies, professional services firms, and gaming companies have very specific needs when it comes to the cloud. As such, they have not been able to benefit as much from the cloud’s promise of providing highly scalable, instanton, and cost-effective computing resources to serve a global audience.

For these businesses to gain from the cloud, they require a cloud service offering that allows them to work with their existing people, processes, and technology infrastructure as they deliver services to their own customers over the Web. A new type of cloud service has emerged that provides businesses with the four critical elements they seek today: control, flexibility, reliability, and cost efficiency. This new type of cloud, professional-grade cloud, has been developed specifically for businesses with unique and changing technology requirements as they bring varying types of campaigns to the Web.

Read the detailed white-paper further elaborating how Zunicore’s Professional Cloud is the perfect solution for all of your cloud’s needs https://www.zunicore.com/pdfs/The_Professional_Grade_Cloud.pdf

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