Michael brings his eye for end-user experience to make Zunicore as easy to use as possible for its customers. With years of direct experience working relatively large and varied groups of non-technical end-users, Michael is at the forefront in understanding what might be expected here at Zunicore. His focus on usability has amassed a useful set of tools that give end users control over their virtual machines and load balancers from an easy-to-use portal.

In his words:

My passion extends from a desire to ‘make things easy’ using technology.  I’ve been lucky enough to have direct contact with a relatively large and varied group of end-users in my experience, which has helped me understand what might be expected.  Here at Zunicore, we strive to provide a useful set of tools that give the end user control over their virtual machines and load balancers - from an easy-to-use portal.  We are continually adding new features that we believe add value to our products and give users more power over their Zunicore Cloud Resource Pool(s).

Twitter Updates

  • @PoonHealey Hello, We do not offer phone support for the Zunicore platform. You can get a hold of us with live chat. Live chat is av... 2 months ago
  • @artifaktCom Hello, An API will be available soon that will allow you to obtain this output. Right now, the API is undergoing signifi... 2 months ago
  • @jonathansuter Hello, We can reply back with any answers you need. Please update this with any questions that you have. 3 months ago
  • @RyanCorner Hello, We will forward this information to our development team. We will update this ticket when completed. 3 months ago
  • @beagile Hello, You would have to use the templates we offer. But if you spin up two VHDs on the server, you can always copy the data... 3 months ago
  • @indiejustin Hello Justin, Can you create a ticket in our internal system so i can verify you and then determine the issue of the VM. 3 months ago
  • @kangawallafox Hello Shaun. I am not seeing a ticket under your name. Please respond to the ticket via the user portal and we will respond. 4 months ago
  • @josephoenix Hello Joseph. Please submit a ticket to [email protected] stating you'd like to deactivate your account and we'll handle it. 5 months ago
  • @Open_Universe That is great to hear. If any assistance is needed, please let us know. Have a great day and enjoy your time in the cloud! 5 months ago
  • @Open_Universe If you can provide the email address that is associated with your account, we will create a ticket and inform you when ready 6 months ago


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