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Private Net

We are proud to announce a  new network interface  feature for your Virtual Servers. The network interface allows you to have a Private Network between all of your resources in a Resource Pool. With a Private Network, you can take advantage of the new feature for increased security and bandwidth control.

The Private Network or ‘Private Net’ will allow your Virtual Servers to communicate privately with out any traffic leaving a Data Center. All traffic that is shared between your servers using the Private Network is 100% free and secure. This includes all uploads and downloads between your server using the Private Network.

For example, if you need your Web Server to continuously communicate with your Database Server, you wont have to worry about bandwidth budgeting and planning as long as they both share the Private Net.

To add a private network to your Resource Pool, you will need to either purchase the Private Net option during checkout or select ‘Modify Cloud Resource Pool’ and then add the Private Net feature to your Resource Pool.

For every existing Virtual Machine you want to add the new Private Network interface for, you will need to shut down the Virtual Machine. Once the Virtual Machine is shut down, you can then add the new Private Network interface.

To read more about how Private Network is a solution for you and how to enable Private Network  in our Zunicore Portal, log in now and read our Knowledge Base article Private Network  or open a chat now with an always available Zunicore representative.

Server Backup

At Zunicore, we understand at anytime while administering a server anything can happen. You could accidentally replace a directory, install a new package without thoroughly testing it’s impact on dependencies, or even overwrite an important configuration file. However, you can have peace of mind knowing Zunicore can get your server back online and restored within only a few clicks.

If you have purchased backup storage space for your Resource Pool, you can make a full backup of your server by selecting the ‘Disk’ tab on your Virtual Machine Details Page. You have the option to backup your server on demand and also to auto-schedule backups. Having the ability to backup your server on demand provides you the control you have come to expect from Zunicore while auto-scheduling your backups continues to meet your need for flexibility.

Once you have made your changes, installations, and configuration to your Zunicore server, click ‘Create Backup’ to instantly add the backup for your server. Now, if you need to revert your server to an earlier configuration, you can click the ‘restore’ icon to restore your server.

To read more about backups and your Zunicore server , log in now and read our Knowledge Base article Backup Virtual Servers and Template Creation

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