Program Manager

Facil brings his years of experience in Data Center Operations, System Administration and Support to run Zunicore’s operations teams. His experience with operations and support relate directly to his passion for excellence in customer service, where as a leader in the customer service field he is working to shape world-class customer experience for Zunicore customers. Facil directly oversees client issues, drives process improvement and service updates to ensure Zunicore customers receive the best customer service they have ever experienced.

In his words:

I’ve worn many hats in my time, from Data Center Operations Technician to System Administrator Lvl2, all the way to the Dedicated Hosting Technical Support Manager at ServerBeach for 2 years, before settling down behind this new desk to run Zunicore’s operations teams. My experience with operations and support relate directly to my passion for excellence in customer service. I’ve been a leader in the customer service industry a long time and have a serious desire to cure the world of all the bad customer service issues I’ve seen and experienced. If I could have one wish from a magic lamp, it would be to provide every client with the best customer service they have ever experienced, every time (Including holidays and weekends!).

One of the things that I find fascinating about Cloud Hosting are the numerous ways to achieve your goals: whether you are a blogger looking for a versatile system for your site, or you are an IT Manager who is looking to consolidate your companies hardware footprint or resources, Cloud hosting can do it.

Zunicore has made something special and I am truly excited to be here at the beginning, where I can watch it grow and make changes to meet our clients needs, which is sometimes taken for granted by companies who step out into a new arena. I heard a saying when I first started in the service industry a long time ago and it’s stuck with me ever since:

“It’s only a ‘service’ if people want to use it.” 

So, I hope that I can make this service something that you will want to use for all of your hosting needs.

Twitter Updates

  • @PoonHealey Hello, We do not offer phone support for the Zunicore platform. You can get a hold of us with live chat. Live chat is av... 2 years ago
  • @artifaktCom Hello, An API will be available soon that will allow you to obtain this output. Right now, the API is undergoing signifi... 2 years ago
  • @jonathansuter Hello, We can reply back with any answers you need. Please update this with any questions that you have. 2 years ago
  • @RyanCorner Hello, We will forward this information to our development team. We will update this ticket when completed. 2 years ago
  • @beagile Hello, You would have to use the templates we offer. But if you spin up two VHDs on the server, you can always copy the data... 2 years ago
  • @indiejustin Hello Justin, Can you create a ticket in our internal system so i can verify you and then determine the issue of the VM. 2 years ago
  • @kangawallafox Hello Shaun. I am not seeing a ticket under your name. Please respond to the ticket via the user portal and we will respond. 2 years ago
  • @josephoenix Hello Joseph. Please submit a ticket to [email protected] stating you'd like to deactivate your account and we'll handle it. 2 years ago
  • @Open_Universe That is great to hear. If any assistance is needed, please let us know. Have a great day and enjoy your time in the cloud! 2 years ago
  • @Open_Universe If you can provide the email address that is associated with your account, we will create a ticket and inform you when ready 2 years ago


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