FAQs about Our 14 Day Trial

Q . What Resources are included in the free trial?

  • The Zunicore ZCFREE trial provides our trial users a Resource Pool with 1 CPU Core, 1024 MB RAM, 20 GB SAN, 20 GB Backup Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth

Q.  Do I have to order the exact resources offered in the trial?

  • You can order  Resource Pools smaller and the remaining ZCFREE value will be credited to your account for later use
  • You can also order a Resource Pool larger than the trial offer but you will need to pay for the additional resources beyond what the ZCFREE offering covers

Q. Is the 14 Day trial available for all of your Cloud locations?

Q.  Why do I need to add a Payment Method if the trial is Free?

  • We require a valid credit card to be placed on record as a measure to prevent fraud and abuse of the free resources

Q.  When I sign up for a trial, can I cancel at any time?

  • Absolutely! If you need to cancel at any time during your 14 day trial, you can cancel the trial by deleting your created Resource Pool and never have to worry about paying any cancellation fees

Q.  Can I provision a Windows Server for my free Zunicore cloud?

  • We have a wide range of Operating System templates available for your Zunicore trial. See the full available list here https://www.zunicore.com/operating-systems/
  • All Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux templates are an additional $20 which is not included in the trial

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