So what do you want to know?

Don't be afraid to ask. To get where Zunicore is today, the cloud has undergone a total transformation. What was once the mildly eccentric choice of solo enthusiasts with tight budgets is now a powerful business tool—robust, flexible, ultimately controllable and underpinned by the dependable infrastructure of PEER 1 Hosting, one of the biggest names in hosting.

But all this won't stop you demanding some detailed reassurance. Nor should it, when the integrity and continuity of your business is at stake. So we present here the questions we're most often asked about Zunicore, along with carefully-considered answers.

As more queries arise, so we'll continue to respond with helpful, relevant information—here, within our knowledgebase and in community forums.

Exactly what are Zunicore Cloud Resource Pools?

Cloud Resource Pools are computing resources, set aside in which one or more virtual server images can be created, configured, run and removed.

And the point is?
Commercial websites typically need web servers, databases and other dedicated services. These are often installed on separate server images for reasons of security, scalability or performance. Cloud Resource Pools allow the user to create and configure such virtual images within a predefined Cloud Resource Pool.

Creating Cloud Resource Pools involves just three easy steps:
  1. Sign into, go to Cart > Cloud Resources and select exactly how much computing power you need. This is your Cloud Resource Pool.
  2. Add a virtual machine by clicking Add Virtual Machine under Services > Cloud Resources > Manage
  3. Allow Zunicore to provision your virtual machine and in a few minutes you will receive an email with details on how to login
  4. Monitor activity in the Zunicore Dashboard and repeat the above steps to add as many Cloud Resource Pools and virtual machines you need.

Why now is the right time to offer a professional-grade cloud?

Fools rush in, as they say. Before launching an important new product, we were determined to resolve any issues that might arise when cloud technology was adapted for the particular and rigorous needs of the business community.

Until recently, some of the perceived challenges of cloud computing have actually deterred businesses from adopting the technology, on the grounds that they would have to change not only their IT practices but the entire way in which they conducted their operations.

But as the underlying cloud technologies have evolved and firmed up, so those anxieties have become redundant. The 'clouds surrounding the cloud' have largely dispersed and we are now able to offer our customers a dependable, functional and cost-effective service in what has become an extremely exciting field.

How come Zunicore is separate from PEER 1 Hosting?

We believe that in keeping separate the specialist areas of Managed Hosting, servers and cloud, we are encouraging a competitiveness and a focus that keeps each function razor-sharp to the benefit of customer and enterprise alike.

However, Zunicore enjoys all the benefits of PEER 1 Hosting's impressive infrastructure (which includes a wholly-owned fiber network and 16 datacenters across two continents) and their impeccable record in customer service.

So what does Zunicore bring to the party?

In a nutshell: Zunicore is a professional-grade cloud designed specifically for web-based businesses whose proprietors would prefer to apply their energies to marketing to their customers, rather than wrestling with the complexities of cloud computing platforms.

Can I rely upon high-quality support?

Zunicore's PEER 1 Hosting pedigree is your guarantee that you will enjoy a quality of technical support unequalled in the hosting industry. Our aim is to create a glitch-free 'just works' environment, underpinned by real, on-tap expertise. Our community forums promote the sharing of best practices, and we provide free, 24x7 chat and email support, with a hierarchy of partner experts to help with more complex issues, like moving from a physical to a virtual environment or implementing CMS's. All of which is nailed down with our 100% network uptime SLA.

What Now?

Hopefully we've answered your most searching and vital questions. So contact us right away or sign up now and start moving your business over to Zunicore and into the cloud.

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