The cloud, fully grounded.

There was a time when the cloud was regarded as a mysterious floating entity, dangerously uncontrollable and understood only by an odd subculture of reclusive young men with big brains and small budgets.

We've changed all that. Designed specifically for business, Zunicore has its feet lodged firmly in commercial reality. It delivers a rock-solid combination of control, flexibility and security that will satisfy the demands of the most tech-savvy entrepreneurs and their most sceptical IT staffers.

With its friendly, intuitive interface, it quickly reverses the conventional perception of the cloud as somehow complicated or 'tricky'. But forget perceptions: nothing could be more reassuring than the hard reality—namely that Zunicore is backed by a unique service promise that speaks far louder than words.

Round-the-clock support at no extra cost

As part of PEER 1 Hosting with its legendary service ethic, we are committed to making the transition to cloud computing as simple as possible for our clients.

That's why, uniquely, we provide 24/7 support at no extra cost. It's in our interests, as well as yours, to ensure that your cloud experience is a happy and rewarding one. Your success is our success.

If your difficulty can't be resolved by referring to detailed articles or knowledge base, then a 'live' support adviser will guide you directly to the relevant information. Finally, our partner eco system is there to help with complex stacks (CMS, shopping carts, etc) and with any queries that might arise during your migration from a complex physical environment to a virtual one.

We're with you every step of the way, with the most comprehensive and responsive support system you'll find anywhere.

Getting started is simple.