Business in the cloud. Only the price is unsurprising.

Zunicore breaks the Small, Medium, Large mindset. Select exactly how much CPU, Memory and Storage you need to see the monthly total.
CPU [Per Core]

There is one thing this new, grown-up cloud shares with its predecessors: it's a highly cost-effective concept, allowing you to use and pay only for the computing power that you need at any given time - welcome to autoscaling. With a small reservation monthly charge for CPU ($1.04 per Core) and Memory ($1.28 per 128MB), autoscaling ensures your resources are there when you need them. This principle means that the resource you pay for is not determined by the level of traffic you experience only at the peak of your activity. You build in preset triggers that access more or less power according to real-time demand.

Cost Advantages

  • Autoscaling (in and out) allows for hourly billing, greatly reducing resources needed.
  • Pre-set the parameters of your cloud resources, eliminating over- and under-purchasing
  • No hidden set-up, maintenance or support fees
  • Bandwidth pricing broken out from cloud computing resources, traffic between VM's does not cost anything
  • Reputable PEER 1 Hosting infrastructure, including wholly-owned backbone, to minimize risk of downtime
  • Simple administration and customizing through our portal helps control everyday costs



Woozworld, the creator of a virtual world with over 350,000 members and one million user-generated virtual spaces, ran the industry-standard UnixBench benchmark on Zunicore just a few weeks after the service launched and was ramping up. Their independent results flagged Zunicore 2x better than AWS and also more affordable. See their results here. Since then, we have improved and tuned Zunicore further, and are actively innovating further performance improvements.

Getting started is simple.