A comprehensive array of features specifically designed for business.

Zunicore is the first cloud built for business by a team including consultants from the business community. Through thoughtful, painstaking design, it eliminates all of the old inadequacies of flexibility and control that dogged earlier attempts to recast the cloud concept in a professional role.

Zunicore offers a host of benefits to business—from simple cost savings and IT efficiencies to the capacity for IT departments to develop their own APIs to interact with Zunicore in a way that makes sense for their particular organizations.

Here is a selection of Zunicore's many outstanding features, coupled with the real world contributions they can make to your business.


PaaS available on Zunicore via StandingCloud

Resource Pools offer unprecedented flexibility

AnyCast DNS

FastFiber Network™

Backups and Templates

Persistent SAN Storage

Professional 24x7 Support

Geographic Diversity

Hands-Free Autoscaling
Greg Rusu
General Manager, Zunicore
Hands-Free Autoscaling
GUI, Technology Stacks
Robert Miggins
Senior VP Business Dev, Zunicore
GUI, Technology Stacks
Persistent SAN By Default
Alessandro Douvis
Backup & SAN Manager, Zunicore
Persistent SAN by Default
Cloud Resource Pools
Robert Miggins
Senior VP Business Dev, Zunicore
Cloud Resource Pools

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