Zunicore is designed to stand out from the cloud.

Forget all you ever knew about cloud computing, once the poor relative of conventional solutions and beloved of train-spotting amateur enthusiasts with slender budgets. Zunicore might as well be from a different planet, purpose-built to meet the needs of the fast, sophisticated online business.

Of course, it delivers the cloud's prime benefit in efficiency, namely, 'power on demand'. But everything else has been radically re-engineered to deliver users far greater control, flexibility, reliability and cost predictability.

It provides all of the features and benefits demanded by the tech-literate business entrepreneur and the IT professional. Our guiding principle has been to cover as standard every function of the contemporary online operation, so that your technical people can concentrate on the serious business of driving business instead of wasting valuable time and energy on trivial IT distractions.

The Professional- Grade Cloud

Zunicore: A Purpose-Built Cloud for Agile Businesses
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Heritage and infrastructure

Zunicore was conceived and engineered by PEER 1 Hosting who represent an industry benchmark for reliability and robustness. As such, our customers enjoy the rock-solid benefits of PEER 1 Hosting's proprietary FastFiber Network™ and 16 datacenters across Europe and North America.
PEER 1 Hosting

Control and flexibility

Control and flexibility

Zunicore exploits one of the fundamental advantages of the cloud—its instant controllability—through Autoscaling (both in and out). Your business accesses precisely how much computing power it needs, according to the volume of activity on your site and your own pre-set triggers.

To this ultimate control, add a unique degree of flexibility—thanks to Zunicore's Anycast DNS and persistent SAN, which together ensure that data is sent and received by the fastest, most efficient route.

Of course, you won't be conscious of all this: like the service at a great restaurant, it will be virtually invisible, running quietly and competently, freeing up your IT people to concentrate on the serious task of building your business.

As one Beta tester succinctly remarked, 'It just works.' In the business-critical sphere of online commerce, who could ask for more?

Getting started is simple.