A diverse group of experts, welded together by mutual respect.

With Zunicore, the cloud finally comes of age. A sophisticated, professional expression of the cloud concept designed specifically for business, Zunicore is a division of PEER 1 Hosting, one of the most dynamic and respected names in mission-critical hosting.

But the specialists responsible for designing and managing this groundbreaking brand work exclusively for Zunicore. In fact, they were selected because they shared a vision: an ambition to eliminate the dysfunctions and inflexibilities that had plagued previous attempts to bring cloud-based computing to the exacting world of commerce. Welcome to the Professional Grade Cloud.

Correcting the errors of the past

Their goal was to satisfy a sceptical business community, disappointed by the lack of flexibility, transparency, control, uptime and/or security that characterized early cloud service offerings.

This independent team of experienced developers, UI specialists, project managers, IT entrepreneurs and thought leaders created Zunicore from the ground up. Crucially, their profiles matched those of our customers and thus they were sympathetic to the needs of business, not the limitations of past iterations of the cloud.

A highly cost-effective solution

The 'Z Team' resisted the urge to rush to market with premature solutions. They spent substantial amounts of time ironing out glitches and complexities so that our customers could concentrate on driving business instead of getting bogged down in mundane IT tasks.

That Zunicore is simple to administer and to customize, that it is so flexible, secure and easily controlled, can all be directly attributed to the inputs of this diverse and dedicated team. Together they built Zunicore - and they still run it today.

Getting started is simple.